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Website spell check

Date launched: April 2011

Re-launched in April 2011, WebsiteSpell.com sets out to help people spell check their entire web site without having to check each page individually themselves.

Using web crawler technology, WebsiteSpell is a simple to use but powerful utility for those who want to spell check their web site in one fell swoop. WebsiteSpell goes and fetches all your web pages before performing a deep spell check on those pages.

What does it do?

WebsiteSpell uses web crawlers to seek out every page in a customer's website, then employs our custom designed dictionary to quickly and accurately produce reports detailing pages and errors. For those who own blogs or other websites where it's important to come across to an audience with a high degree of accuracy, WebsiteSpell takes some of the pressure off.

The thought behind it all

After working in the web world for any period of time it becomes apparent that errors are everywhere. Whether you care about the little mistakes or not, such as typos or flat-out spelling mistakes, someone will care. If a visitor to your website is picky about such things then it could eventually cost you in either good will, or possibly even in a sale. Scaremongering? You'd think so - but there is always plenty of competition for the same piece of goods or service that you're selling, and if your visitor is left unimpressed by a simple mistake wouldn't you rather simply fix that error?

From those very thoughts came WebsiteSpell - a service that spell checks your whole website, and then monitors it for further changes to ensure that it always remains free of spelling mistakes.

Who will use it?

Anyone with a web site should consider using a spell checker for after-the-fact spelling verification. Although many blog engines and CMSes to contain their own spell checkers, the glut of spelling mistakes and typos that make their way through the gaps suggest that having multiple content editors and a 'need for speed' attitude to getting pages out there, is only contributing to ongoing problems.

Everyone is free to use the site - it's completely non-invasive and acts as a standalone application to back up your website, not to undermine it or require any plugins or integration.

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  • W3C valid HTML (Strict), CSS
  • W3C AA Accessibility
  • Bespoke database development (MySQL)
  • Bespoke Content Management System
  • Web crawling tech integration
  • Complex AJAX integration
  • PayPal payment integration, including full OpenSSL encryption and secure payments.
  • Google Speed optimisation, including bespoke minification for CSS/JS, cache-control management & server sourcing.
  • AdWords campaign management & tracking


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Adding new sites is very simple

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Ownership of sites is verified much like Google's webmaster tools

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Upgrades and membership plans are straightforward and tested

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Your site is ready for checking!

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Clear and simple user interface, AJAX oriented for speed

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Lots of page information

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And plenty of feedback, including SEO style information