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This site aims to be accessible to at least W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Double-A standard, incorporating all Priority 1 & 2 standards but nearly all of Priority 3 standards. We believe very strongly in the principles of creating a world wide web that is entirely inclusive.

This website does not require javascript and is fully functional without it. All javascript functionality on this website is used purely for aesthetic or minor ergonomic enhancements.

All efforts have been made to ensure that this website works well across a number of different media, screen resolutions and user agents. Text alternatives to imagery has been provided, where applicable, although the number of images used in this website is at a very minimum.

Keyboard shortcuts, accesskeys and font size

Keyboard shortcuts, or accesskeys, are provided here as a way of navigating to the important pages of our website with a minimum of fuss!

Font size

To change the size of the elements, including font size, throughout the site, simply follow the instructions for your browser (note: the instructions below may vary for different versions of browsers):

Browser name Instructions

Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari

  1. All

    Press Ctrl & + together, to increase text size.

    Press Ctrl & - together, to increase text size.

  2. FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera

    Using the menu: View > Zoom

    Chrome, Safari (Mac), Safari (PC)

    Using the menu: Click the "Page" icon, then "Zoom"


An accesskey is a way to highlight and visit a link on a web page using the keyboard alone, ie. without having to 'click' or 'point' to a link. Accesskeys are normally activated by holding down the Alt key (for Macs, this is the Option key) along with one other letter on the keyboard to highlight and navigate to an assigned page. The accesskey is therefore the letter which has been assigned to the link.

To access any links in our site's main menu or in the footer, we use a consistent naming convention of using the first letter of the link as the accesskey. Where there is more than one link sharing a first letter, you can usually access the link by keeping the "Alt" key pressed down and click the letter again on the keyboard to select the next link along the line.

(Remember, for Macs the Alt key is usually substituted for the Option key)

Browser name Instructions

Chrome, Safari

Press Alt and hold the accesskey letter required to load the assigned page.


Press Shift & Alt and hold the accesskey letter required to load the assigned page.

Internet Explorer

Press Alt and hold the accesskey letter required to highlight which page you would like to load. Then press Enter to load the page.


Press Shift & Escape to activate the accesskey functionality, then press the accesskey letter required to load the page.