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Date launched: 2004

Launched as long ago as 2004, Laughsend.net is one of the oldest sites in LevelPurple's portfolio.

Specialising in spoof, funny horoscopes and importing "all the best of the web's satire stories", Laughsend is still a growing source for humour. It uses a combination of RSS feeds and lots of clever background tasks to ensure that the content is always fresh but requires very little human administration.

Beginnings & Spoof News

When first launched, Laughsend was itself a publisher of comedy stories and spoof news. However, it was later re-imagined as a website which promoted the same kinds of stories and fake news but gathered from many sources around the web.

Currently, Laughsend publishes stories from over 40 sources, all of which is managed without human intervention. The many background algorithms employed ensure that the published items are of good quality, and a suitable image is also automatically selected for news item.

Funny horoscopes

Laughsend also incorporates one of the more popular parts of LevelPurple's projects - the Funny horoscopes section. Each day, new horoscopes are published (again automatically and without human intervention) and Laughsend enjoys a consistent readership of over 1,500 daily email subscribers.

Using a bespoke email tracking system, LevelPurple can monitor the effectiveness of each email that goes out from any website in its system, providing important feedback to best improve and manage newsletters and other outgoing emails.


Laughsend is also an important piece in the LevelPurple portfolio as it also plays a part in online advertising. We currently advertise many different services on the website using a number of different avenues, both as a publisher of context-sensitive AdSense adverts, inline advertising using a system created by Kontera, and also bespoke advertising from various third-parties that have been independently sourced.

As such, LevelPurple is well versed in creating content which works well with advertisers, providing high Click Through Rates, and the site is constantly monitored and optimised to provide the best earnings for the company, as well as the best value for advertisers.

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