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Date launched: On hold

StatsReader.com is currently on hold. Although the project is essentially complete, various technical and financial reasons mean that we cannot release the project into the wider community.

StatsReader is a web stats analyser like LiveStats, Webtrends or Google Analytics. But of course, we're doing it slightly differently, we're doing it better, with higher accuracy, and with better reporting.

The first key feature is that you can integrate your site into StatsReader using more than one different method.

  1. You can choose to plug-in using javascript (like Google Analytics), just adding a couple of lines into each of your pages.
  2. You can instead choose to integrate server-side using ready-built code plug-ins for PHP, ASP, .NET or ColdFusion.
  3. Finally, you could instead choose to allow StatsReader to use the logs produced by your web server instead! Since they're already (probably) being produced, these offer a really impressive way to retrieve all your web statistics without plugins on your site, or the danger of slowing any of your own website down! Stats Reader supports Apache and IIS log files from the get-go.
  4. Finally, you could use a combination of the above. By doing so you could retrieve all the statistics that javascipt can give you (screen resolution, for example) along with all the statistics log files could give you (robot visitors, bandwidth used).

Our take on this

By combining real-life requirements from stats program , along with prior experience, we're confidently producing excellent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with StatsReader. By creating different types of reports for the different people who look at web stats and web reports, we enable everyone to get everything they need out of their website analysis.

People we're specifically targetting with this SaaS:

  • Web designers/developers
    Find out your 404s, who's linking to them ...
  • SEOs
    ... and if you do have 404s linked from external websites, turn them into good, strong, back-links ...
  • Financiers
    ... and watch those back-links grow whilst making sure you're not paying for bandwidth that's being stolen by leechers ...
  • Marketing managers
    ... and once all that's ironed out you can see instantly what's going on, who's doing what, where, and make it easier to see why ...
  • Sole traders
    ... all of which means you know your customer better, you can decide how best to improve your website, where you spend your money, and how to maximise your income.

Yes, we really hope to produce a website which will produce specific reports targetting each of the above and more because we know how hard it is sometimes to get answers from your stats programs without having to wade through an awful lot of junk to get there.


There's more to come!