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The right side of levelpurple and the new look

We're back today with a brand new look, much more polished and we're much happier with it. Not having an in-house designer, (so to speak) it's difficult to find the time to invest in the look and feel of things to the level we'd like. This is always especially true with "your own site" and it's always very easy to always be finding other things to do, fix or update instead.

We did find the time though and we're pleased - it's nice to see the site set the right tone for what we're about. We're not a design agency, we're not an agency at all - we're working on our own projects, creating sites that are really good, of a really high standard that we can be proud of. Most of all we just want to make websites that people want or need (hopefully both) and that will bring us a bit of kudos on the side. Hopefully we're making that a lot clearer now!

Clearly we have another new project going on as well, StatsReader, which is now a project/case study on the site. We're gearing up to a release in May, it's looking like. Big project - much bigger than we wanted it to be I think, but it'll be all the better for it.